Meet Our Team


Ariel Cohen — Tutoring Director

The principal, the administrator, the director, Ariel Cohen handles every detail surrounding executing programing. Ariel provides the personal touch that you absolutely cannot get anywhere else. He knows every student, every parent and takes a real joy in providing everyone with the most incredible service imaginable. 

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Morris Kishk — Program Director

Morris is the mastermind and visionary that creates and designs the courses and programs. Every book, every strategy and every technique has been brilliantly crafted by Morris and his team after careful analysis and statistical testing. Beyond that, Morris is the coach and mentor that personally works with every student to help them create a lifestyle for themselves that is exciting and invigorating. 


Sarah Kiskh

Empathetic, diligent and dedicated, Sarah truly connects with her students. It only takes her a few minutes to establish a vibrant dynamic.

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Ricki Khezrie

A natural genius who scored a 35 on her ACT, Ricki is relatable, adventurous and fun loving. When not teaching SAT and ACT, Ricki can be found plowing through the Netflix catalog. She is also passionate about art and music.


Kim Hamadani

Kim is one of our most energetic instructors and her energy and passion for life helps turn the learning process into a thrilling adventure.


Judah Kishk

Incredibly intelligent, articulate, and well read, Judah is a stock market expert, and loves coding and science as well.


Aaron Goldblatt

Aaron is bright, witty and fun to be around. He is passionate about working with students, and his sense of humor is contagious. In his free time, Aaron can be found shooting hoops or playing Xbox.

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Yosef Cohen

A brilliant mathematician and a clever and witty instructor, Yosef tutors over 15 hours a week. His experience and his passion make all of the difference.


Ikey Benzaken

Our brilliant coder and math whiz, Ikey is fun and charismatic. His passion for education shines through and he is one of our most exciting teachers.